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Each day of the event from 12-4 PM we are encouraging local artists to set-up along our Riverfront Park (pictured above) to create in their chosen medium. Artists that so choose will be highlighted on our event website as well as our social media accounts! Please see our registration page for more information.

Artist Lauren Shisler

Lauren Shisler, the creator of Sunflower Watercolor Custom Pet Portraits, will be painting live along the river. Check out her website!

Daniel Shanken with his children, Yonatan age 10 3rd grade and Emma Age 7 1st grade. May 19, 2020 Sean Simmers |

Daniel Shanken is a resident Shipoke artist that is a client based commercial photographer and web developer. He was also a photojournalist that covered the Israeli/Arab conflict for the Associated Press. While living and working in NYC during 2001, he photographed 9/11 from ground zero where three of his images are now part of the permanent collection at the National Archive.

These days, Daniel is a dedicated father with corporate clients in the food, healthcare, and hospitality industries, but dedicated Father remains his heart and top priority!

Check-out his website!

A Jewish setteler in the West Bank demonstrates against the Peace Process by blocking a road. The Soldiers have been given orders not to remove the settlers by force while they pray. October 21, 1998. | Daniel Shanken
Evacuation over the Brooklyn Bridge on 9/11 | Daniel Shanken
Riverfront Park, Harrisburg, PA | Daniel Shanken
Doris Ogg

Doris Ogg:

With a Masters in Fine Arts from The George Washington University and a Masters of Art Education from Kutztown University, Doris has traveled from Mexico to Portugal studying ceramic art tiles and the history and techniques of tile making and mural design.

Doris has taught art history and appreciation, drawing, photography, and stained glass to name a few, as well as instructing classes for adult learners in wheel thrown pottery, hand built sculptural tiles, hand painted tiles, and porcelain jewelry.

She currently works in her own studio designing and creating murals on ceramic tile for sale to interior designers, individual clients, and ceramic tile distributors.

Visit her page 

Doris Ogg

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